Dear Friends

KathyKleinDKathy’s Cookies was started in 2000, out of a love for baking and the way the cards were dealt.

My name is Kathy Klein, and I worked in the corporate world after college. My last job was with an advertising agency for twelve great years. The climate changed, and I was handed my pink slip. At that very split second (I kid you not), I said to myself that I would get my bakery license. At the time (May of ’99), I was home with a 3-month old and a 2 year old. During nap times I called and researched information for selling cookies wholesale. After procuring a commercial kitchen, getting my bakery license and having a label produced, I was on my way.

At the time, I was concentrating on selling only one cookie — a cookie I perfected since I started baking them at ten. My beautiful Mother always gave me free reign in the kitchen, and I took advantage of that. This cookie is actually called Mandel Bread. I had only planned on producing this one item, and I would not call them Mandel Bread, simply because much of the general public would not know what they were. I don’t make them like they are traditionally made, so I would just name them “Kathy’s Cookies”.

From that one cookie, my customers started asking me for more cookies, biscotti, muffins, scones and I delivered. Everything I do is my own recipe and made from scratch. I’ve been wholesaling and retailing since 2000.

You can now order on-line what thousands of people have been experiencing. My cinnamon chocolate chip and almond cookies, and the most amazing, most requested, people-go-crazy over and can’t get enough of, drive for miles and reserve dozens of bags at a time, featured on a very popular reality TV show for 3 seasons (which I cannot divulge due to contractual obligation) Cookie — Kathy’s Incredible Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies. Honestly, these cookies are the bomb. They are from a recipe I concocted and perfected.

Now, you can experience these outrageous cookies yourself. Shop online or find a store near you!