The Evolution of a Cookie

On this site, you will get a glimpse of how Kathy’s Cookies started, how it has evolved, and where I see the future of the now, Kathy’s Famous Cookies, LLC. We are a wholesaler to some of the finest grocers and coffee shops around, and our retail shop is located in the Woodmont section of Milford.

Everything is found in my shop on a daily basis. Mind you, we do run out, and I always advise people to call if they want to reserve something in particular.  Most cookies are usually baked within the hour, as are our scones, muffins as well as our other specialties. We also supply many wholesalers daily.

So…let me start by giving you a run-down of what we carry daily using fresh ingredients, including vanilla bean, pure zest and juice from lemons and limes, wonderful berries, whole oats, excellent chocolates, butter, nuts and fruits from Trader Joes…basically, really great stuff! And, NO SKIMPING!

We’ve moved! We are now located near Adam’s Market, 1365 New Haven Avenue.
Everything in our case is baked fresh
every day…from scratch.
Now, you can experience these outrageous cookies yourself. Shop online or find a store near you!